Technical progress and creative work go hand in hand to make our lives more pleasant, safer and more worth living. Whether in mechanical engineering, medical technology or craftsmanship, the efficient functionality, the beautiful design, a touching work, or the appealing word can achieve a lot of meaningful and useful things.

In our offerings, we are true to our vision of being useful to our customers with inspiring expertise. This in turn enables them to offer excellent products and services to their customers. In this way, we contribute to the success of all our companies.
In this way we strive to accomplish your order in the best possible time/result ratio according to the motto "as quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary".

It goes without saying that we take the greatest care to ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized persons. We are willing to commit ourselves to this with a non-disclosure agreement.

We offer:

•         Patent search, patent monitoring, patent data analysis, defensive publication

•         Seminars and lectures on intellectual property (in English and German language)

•         Other:

           - Technical translations (German/English - English/German).

           - Project Management

As our customer inquiries are usually very specific and the resulting data situation can be very different, our offers are accordingly very individual.

Therefore our offer price is always an attractive individual price based on the specific customer inquiry.